While propulsion noise dominates during startup and during acceleration operations in the lower speed range, at other operating points up to approx. 130 km/h, the tire/road interaction is the most significant noise factor. At higher speeds, the aerodynamic noise becomes increasingly more significant.

For interior noise, aerodynamic noise impairs comfort even at much lower speeds. To optimize acoustics, then, it is necessary to be able to measure these contributions. For this purpose, FKFS operates a special vehicle aeroacoustics wind tunnel.

Special intensity probe (FKFS development)
Special intensity probe (FKFS development)

Due to the air flow around the measured object, using conventional acoustic measuring techniques for exterior noise measurements in wind tunnels is problematic. On the one hand, there is so-called "pseudo sound" on the microphone caused by alternating pressure flow hitting the measuring diaphragm. On the other hand, extraneous flow noises which interfere with the measurement are generated by microphone housings, pre-amplifiers and holders. For this reason specially developed measuring techniques are used for exterior noise measurements, such as special probes, microphone arrays or acoustic mirrors.

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