Interfering noise

Not only in premium-class vehicles interfering noise quickly leads to a negative assessment of the vehicle by today’s customers who expect an adequate acoustic climate and are increasingly demanding when it comes to this matter.

Examination of disturbing noise using an artificial head
Examination of background noise using artificial head

For this reason, squeaking windshield wipers and the rattling, squeaking or squealing of other components must be avoided by all means. Also, operational and functional sounds must be designed corresponding in the best possible way to the customer’s preferences.


Interfering noise can be measured and analyzed for example by using the servo-hydraulic 4-post test bench for the excitation of severe vibration scenarios. For the investigation of operational and handling sounds (or similar) an anechoic test chamber for entire vehicles is available. Moreover, interfering noise can also be computed using simulation methods. Depending on the noise source, structural-acoustic or aeroacoustic methods must be applied.

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