Brake fading under wet conditions

Examination of brake soiling
Examination of brake soiling

Moistening the brake disks with fluid is a process which leads to impaired performance as a result of water, and therefore can decisively affect driving safety.


In order to determine the influence of vehicle soiling on the braking behavior of vehicles, a braking force measuring system specially developed for this purpose at FKFS is used. Holding the vehicle in one position, the braking force of the vehicle under various driving conditions (dry, wet) can be determined and reproduced. From the measured values, the friction coefficient between the brake pad and brake disk can be calculated. With the aid of this data, the braking system’s sensitivity to wet conditions can be determined and the effectiveness of relevant improvement measures can be assessed. 


Thanks to the parallel visualization of the surface soiling in the wheel arch and on the brake components using lighting units specially developed for this purpose, the cause of the wet brake fading can be localized and valuable information for developing improvement measures can be gained.

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