Full vehicle

Motor vehicles consist of a large number of different subsystems and components, the sum of which need to satisfy the desires of a wide range of customers in all conceivable situations. The development of a modern motor vehicle is therefore greatly influenced by finding solutions to a variety of trade-offs. The holistic and interdisciplinary approach required here necessitates expertise in the vehicle system.


Our scope of services in the area of the vehicle as a whole includes:

  • Analysis of energy requirement and tractive resistances
  • Evaluation of driving limits, as well as subjective driver perception
  • Examination of comfort and safety
  •  Analysis of vehicle concepts and power train concepts
  • Contributions to thermal management optimization


Depending on the application, both commercially available and self-developed computer-supported simulations, and experimental analyses are performed. 

Vehicle in aeroacoustics wind tunnel
Vehicle in vehicle aeroacoustics wind tunnel
Soiling examination in thermal wind tunnel
Contamination examination in thermal wind tunnel
Examination of overall system: driver/vehicle/environment
Examination of overall system: driver/vehicle/environment
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