Driving dynamics

Driving dynamics are closely related to the terms "driving pleasure", "driving safety" and "driving comfort". Resolving the trade-off, which these design aims involve, requires a detailed analysis of the dynamic vehicle system and its subsystems, up to the overall system driver/vehicle/environment. 

Double lane changing (video, 3.8 MB)
Double lane changing (video, 3.8 MB)

This is done at FKFS within the scope of theoretical and practical testing of the vehicle dynamics. Road testing and modeling/simulation mutually complement each other and ensure an integrated, practically-orientated approach to dealing with a wide range of problems, from concept development, the development of control and driver assist systems to the benchmarking of vehicles.


Innovative approaches for driver modeling, to assess the cross-wind behavior from the driver's point of view, for example, focus on people, who, as customers, are ultimately the measure for the development process. 

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