Control and driver assist systems

Systems for driving dynamics control have been greatly improved in recent years, with respect to both performance and comfort relevant characteristics. Different control tasks affecting the driving dynamics can be improved by additional sensor systems within the vehicle. These sensor systems work in connection with control algorithms and the relevant actuators.

1:5 x-by-wire experimental prototype for the validation of driving dynamics control and driver assist systems
1:5 x-by-wire Experimentalprototyp für die Validierung von Fahrdynamik-Regelungs- und Assistenzsystemen
Interaction of control design, modeling and simulation
Zusammenwirken von Reglerentwurf, Modellierung und Simulation

To ensure the optimal performance under different environmental conditions, robust control is a significant part of development.


A selection of the applied control and driver assist systems includes:

  • Driving conditions assessment
  • State control modeling and control design
  • Multi-parameter control
  • Robust control (H∞, µ synthesis)
  • Nonlinear control
  • Cornering assistant
  • Passing assistant
  • Driver models based on control technology and artificial intelligence
  • Lap-time optimization
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