Aerodynamic measuring technology

In addition to the measuring systems permanently installed in the wind tunnel for measuring force, torque, pressure and speed, there are other measuring and visualization techniques available at FKFS for aerodynamic testing.

Measuring technology for aerodynamic testing (selection):

  • Model scale balance for air force measurements on vehicle models and parts
  • Different mobile systems for simultaneous pressure measurement at over 400 measuring points
  • Conventional "pressure taps" or special flat pressure probes (adhesive) for surface pressure measurements
  • Multi-hole probes for high-resolution spatial determination of flow speed and angle over time
  • Hot-wire anemometer for local flow speed measurement
  • 3D laser Doppler anemometer for high-resolution, local flow speed measurement over time
  • Specially developed cooler probes for cooling-air volume flow measurements on the installed vehicle cooler
  • FKFS laser projector and measuring camera on traversing unit for conctactless path measurement, e.g. for deformation of soft roofs or vehicle spring deflection as a result of air flowing around the vehicle
  • Laser light-section method, as well as smoke and wool tufts for flow visualization 
Flow visualization with smoke probe
Flow visualization with smoke probe
Cooler probes on series vehicle cooler
Cooler probes on series vehicle cooler
3D laser Doppler anemometer in operation
3D laser Doppler anemometer in operation
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