Measurement equipment for tire/road noise

FKFS investigates tire/road noise not only by far-field measurements with road-side microphones but also with a noise measurement trailer. This trailer houses the measuring wheels and also a number of microphones recording the noise of the tire/road combinations to be investigated directly at their place of origin. Compared to the methods of controlled and statistical pass-by, this system has considerable advantages. Measurements can be carried out very quickly and on-going traffic has practically no influence on the results.



Noise measurement trailer
Noise measuring trailer with towing vehicle
Tire/road noise measuring set-up

For the investigation of tire/road noise in the vehicle interior, FKFS uses a test set-up with speakers at the tires simulating sound fields previously recorded at the tire of the test vehicle using the measurement trailer. This permits analysis and assessment of the tire-road noise transmitted into the vehicle interior without noise interfering from other noise sources.


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