Battery cell test bench

FKFS has a modern battery cell test bench for the analysis of battery cells for electrified power trains. The temperature within the test chamber is controlled. The test bench enables FKFS to determine the capacity of the cells and to identify the electrical cell characteristics by forcing current profiles. Based on the electrical cell characteristics the calculation of the resulting heat flows is possible. With the test bench it is feasible to do long-term studies such as the effect of ageing on the capacity.  


Specs of the battery cell test bench
Voltage range 0 - 6 V
Current range ± 240 A
Temperature range - 40 – + 180°C
Mean warm-up rate and cooling rate 5 K/min
Interior volume of test chamber 115 l
Voltage precision 0,05% FS
Current precision 0,05% FS
Battery cell in test chamber of battery cell test bench
Test bench from view of testing engineer
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