Technical Data - Vehicle aeroacoustics wind tunnel

Dimensions and air flow 
Dimensions of nozzle (width x height)       5.8 m x 3.87 m 
Exit area of nozzle 22.45 m2
Contraction ratio 4.41
Length of open-nozzle test section    9.95 m
Diameter of axial fan 7.1 m
Operating output 3.3 MW (335 1/m)
Max. flow velocity 260 km/h

Displacement heigth of boundary layer in the center of the

ground plane (x=0)

 - without boundary layer influence 15.5 mm
 - with boundary layer pre-suction 7 mm
 - with road simulation Block profile
Sound-pressure level of empty test section at 140 km/h:
 - Out-of-Flow 64.7 dB(A)
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