Vehicle Acoustics and Vibrations

Vehicle acoustics is continually becoming more and more important to development engineers in car manufacturing companies and their suppliers. In this context, besides a quiet product, the creation of a comfortable acoustic climate is of more and more importance today. To achieve these goals, detailed investigations are required as well of the noise generated by the engine and its ancillary components as the tire-road and aerodynamic noises.

In addition to the acoustic optimization, the creation of the highest possible vibration comfort is also extremely important. A vast number of German and international automotive and engineering companies is using our experience in these areas and specifically on aeroacoustics (the FKFS operates one of the most sophisticated aeroacoustic vehicle wind tunnels in the world). This leads to the fact that our ideas decisively contribute to the comfort of today's series products.

In order to stay well-informed about the latest developments in the field of vehicle acoustics and to present their own research results, our acoustics specialists regularly participate in conferences, seminars and workshops (also self-organized) and cooperate in the Vehicle Acoustics technical committee of DEGA.

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