Wind Tunnel Operation

Since September 1988, FKFS has been operating two of the most state-of-the-art automotive wind tunnels for industrial development tasks and for basic university research on behalf of the University of Stuttgart. The full-scale vehicle wind tunnel is one of the most state-of-the-art aeroacoustics vehicle wind tunnels in Europe for aerodynamic investigations of passenger cars, vans and race cars. In addition to acoustic methods, additional extensive experimental options for measuring forces, pressures and velocities as well as fluid dynamics visualization are available.


Besides the aeroacoustic measuring methods and cooler investigations, the 1:4/1:5-scale model wind tunnel provides the same experimental options as the full-scale vehicle wind tunnel. Both wind tunnels are 'Göttingen type' systems and feature a horizontal airflow with a 3/4 open flow test section. To meet the onflow conditions of a vehicle rolling on the road surface as best as possible, driving (with rotating wheels) is simulated in the wind tunnel. This is done using a 5-belt system (center belt and wheel rotation units) in combination with measures affecting the boundary layer.

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