Customer Related Driving

The influence of the driver, traffic and the weather on the energy consumption of conventional and electric vehicles is increasingly becoming the focus of attention. In standard driving cycles, such as the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle), this influence is not taken into consideration.


In particular, drivers and their individual driving styles influence the energy requirements to a high degree and in many ways, so that through intelligent assistance systems, large fuel savings are possible without any compromise in performance.


By precisely replicating how customers operate their vehicles in driving tests along with simulation and evaluation downstream, the FKFS has developed statistically established methods to quantify these influences. For this purpose, test vehicles, instrumentation, and an extensive pool of test subjects are available.


In many cases, the computed results are transferable to other vehicle concepts and configurations and allow for targeted optimization of the powertrain and the energy management with the goal of saving energy under real-world operating conditions.

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