Statistical Analysis of Potential

Analysis of driving styles in driving tests
Analysis of driving styles in driving tests

By using statistical potential analysis in real-world driving conditions (SPIRF), the operation of a vehicle by a customer in normal traffic can be correctly modeled statistically. The aim is the validation of the improvements achieved by a new technology or the quantitative prediction of potential improvements in the early phase of the development.


The scientifically established evidence for the benefits of a new system by an independent research institute can, for example, support OEMs and suppliers in their decisions to launch new product lines or serve as a basis for serious public discussion.


With the SPIRF method, a statistically sufficient number of driving tests on a representative stretch of road (such as the Stuttgart driving circuit) is carried out with a specially equipped vehicle by a group of drivers that is selected particularly for the vehicle and that is composed of drivers of both sexes and of different ages. The statistical significance of the results is checked by using significance tests. In particular, if very low potentials have been identified, it can be excluded that these effects are due to random influences.

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