Electric Vehicle Fleet

FKFS electric vehicle fleet
Analysis of a driving profile

At the FKFS, actual requirements profiles are produced directly and immediately via investigations on the FKFS electric vehicle fleet by carrying out trials using test subjects.


This approach is necessary because, until now, lawmakers have used the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) as a basis, which assumes, among other things, that when testing and comparing vehicles, the temperature is maintained at a constant 20 °C, that there are no stretches of road with any appreciable topological features, and that all vehicles can drive at least 120 km/h. For evaluating electric vehicles, however this is inadequate. Therefore, with the help of its fleet of vehicles, the FKFS deals in detail with generating and analyzing user requirements to determine a uniform driving circuit for vehicles.


Analysis of a driving profile

The FKFS operates these vehicles with the latest measurement technology, including data loggers as well as telematics systems, and draws upon an extensive range of experience acquired over many years.

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