Charging Electric Vehicles

Inductive charging of electric vehicles
Inductive charging of electric vehicles

Charging electric vehicles means much more than just the transfer of energy. In addition, communications before and during the charging process as well as different requirements must be taken into consideration. These include the requirements for safety, practicality and usability, which in turn provide a basis for customer acceptance. For this reason, the FKFS is putting a great emphasis on the issue of inductive charging for electric vehicles and is following a holistic approach.


Current challenges include, for example, ensuring the compatibility of different categories of vehicles and charging facilities; and simple, error-tolerant positioning of vehicles to ensure energy transfer, thereby maximizing the efficiency of contactless energy transfer. Data transfer is therefore necessary to exchange control and safety-related data between the vehicle and the charging facility. The topics of the network connection and user-friendly data and energy transfer are conceivable in different scenarios and are an integrative research component.

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