Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

Battery-powered electric vehicles require a charging station to recharge the energy storage system, which provides the powertrain of the vehicle with power as well as supplying all the other systems (air conditioning, lighting, infotainment, ...). While today's conventionally powered vehicles can be refueled at existing area service stations, battery-powered electric vehicles usually have to be recharged at specific locations. This can take place, for example, at home, at the workplace, in public parking spaces and at locations with extended parking, e.g., taxi stands.

Energetic voltage field of an electric service station
Energetic voltage field of an electric service station

There is a research charging station at the FKFS that deals primarily with the following:

  • Vehicle identification
  • Billing
  • Operating strategy and efficiency optimization
  • Standards for energy transfer
  • C2I communications
  • Smart grids
  • User convenience
  • Energy efficiency
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