Range Management

Range Prediction and Optimization

As part of the "Landesinitiative Elektromobilität", the state government of Baden-Württemberg is promoting a research project called "ElefAnt" (electric vehicles and powertrains).

Example of a range display
Example of a range display

One focus of the project is the investigation of assistance systems for electric vehicles, which accurately predict the range so that the destination can be reached in a reliable manner through predictive energy management.


The scientific approaches are as follows:

  • Detailed calculations of the energy consumption for the powertrains, the heating and air conditioning systems as well as the auxiliary equipment of electric vehicles, with vehicle technology as the scientific and technological basis
  • Determination of the statistical distribution of energy requirements due to influences of the ambient temperature and the traffic environment, as well as online classification of individual driving styles of drivers from the point of view of energy
  • Vehicle range prediction using navigation data
  • Energy management to ensure vehicle range

The FKFS is extremely well-qualified to meet this challenge because of its many years of experience in making calculations for the energy requirements of automotive vehicles and with energy-optimized controls for hybrid drives.

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