0D/1D Simulation

Thanks to many years of experience, we can answer questions about almost all aspects of the simulation and thermodynamic analysis quickly, reliably and competently.


With the help of the simulation, it is possible to compare concepts virtually before the first components are manufactured. 

A few of our current experiences are:

  • Combustion development & analysis
  • Gas exchange analysis & development
  • Turbo- & Supercharging
  • Emission forecasts
  • Total vehicle & Drive cycle simulation
  • Thermomanagement & Cooling circuit
  • Oil circuit: Protection and variants
  • Waste Heat Recovery 


By using the internally-developed UserCylinder, we are better able to understand and illustrate the background circumstances. The UserCylinder is a plug-in for GT-Power and replaces the usual cylinder object there. During a GT-Power simulation, all the high-pressure parts of the cycle in the cylinder (compression stroke and power stroke) will, from then on, be calculated using FKFS in-house code. Within an overall engine model, this enables more detailed and faster predictions about the processes in the combustion chamber. Important result parameters for the cylinder are, for example, combustion profile, fuel consumption, cylinder pressure profile, emissions as well as knocking and cycle fluctuations. Licenses for UserCylinder are sold by FKFS. Many customers throughout the world appreciate the accuracy of its predictions and its ease of use.



Model for evaluation and optimization of transient response
Simulation of the warm-up behavior of a LSI-manifold at cold start
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