Overview of Conditioning Systems and Additional Assemblies

The existing conditioning systems – currently approx. 50 – were largely created in-house. Besides the conditioning systems, the inventory of aggregates also includes unregulated cooling assemblies and various supply assemblies.

Conditioning system forControlled variables
Charge air (coolant of CAC)T-control to charge air cooling
Lubricating oilT-control, partially p-control
Intake airT-control, p-control
External charging systemsT-control, p-control
Exhaust back pressurep-control
Unregulated cooling assemblies for
Lubricating oil
Indexing sensor system
Additional supply assemblies for
Lubricating oil
Gasoline direct injection
Special assembliesManufacturer
Coolant assembly up to -25 °CL&R Kältetechnik
Intake air assembly up to -20 °CWeiss Umwelttechnik
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