Catalytic Converter Development

Oxidizing catalytic converters for diesel engines or 3-way catalytic converters for spark-ignition engines are standard components of the exhaust system. But the full functionality is ensured only with an exact matching of the shape, the position in the exhaust system and the materials, particularly the active coating, to the respective engine. Special attention must be directed at the precious metal components.


We help you to dimension your catalytic converter system efficiently, in line with resource-conserving considerations and thus cost-effectively. Based on our long-standing experience, we offer standardized testing sequences for highest reproducibility and precision of the investigations.

Our services for catalytic converter development:

  • Consulting for the design of the exhaust system and the positioning of the sensor system.
  • Functional analyses of catalytic converter substrates and determination of the light-off/out behavior, emission conversion rates in the engine-vehicle exhaust-gas system on the engine test bench.
  • Reliability investigations in realistic load cycles from driving characteristics or in time-lapse method.
  • Optimization of cold-start phase using fast measuring technology. A climate chamber is available for investigations in the temperature range down to -20 °C.
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