Nitrogen Oxide Reduction (SCR/LNT)

Filter systems in conjunction with low nitrogen oxide engine tuning will no longer be sufficient for future legal exhaust-gas regulations. In many cases, an active nitrogen oxide reduction based on NOx storage catalytic converters or SCR catalytic converters in the exhaust-gas system will be used. In particular, the selective catalytic reduction by means of urea or hydrocarbons is very effective , but it requires high tuning efforts – on the one hand for the demand-based dosing of the reducing agent, on the other hand for a flawless interaction with other components of the exhaust-gas system.

Our equipment for the development and dimensioning of combined exhaust-gas aftertreatment components:

  • FTIR spectrometer for NOx, NH3, N2O analysis
  • Diode laser for in situ measurement of ammonia before the SCR catalytic converter
  • 2-axle positioning device for distribution measurement of reducing agents
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