Virtuel Engine Development

Due to cost and time efficiency, computational fluid dynamics plays an increasingly important role in the development of new engine concepts and the optimization of existing ones. FKFS offers a variety of services in the field of virtual engine development.

  • Concept development for various applications (series, motorsports, research)
  • Simulation of all engine configurations and ignition types
  • Use of all types of fuel (gasoline, diesel, CNG, bio-fuels)

Therefore, the internally developed 3D-CFD tool QuickSim allows, in combination with the commercial simulation software GT-Suite® (1D-CFD) and StarCD® (3D-CFD), a fast, efficient and reliable calculation of internal engine processes. QuickSim is dedicated exclusively to the simulation of internal combustion engines and is continually adapted and optimized for this purpose.


In 1D-simulations, especially in concept studies and transient simulations, we use the UserCylinder tool within the GT suite. It allows a predictive combustion process, emissions and knocking for gasoline and diesel engines.

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