FKFS UserCylinder

UserCylinder enables more detailed and faster predictions about the process in the combustion chamber. Within an overall engine model, this enables more detailed and faster predictions about the processes in the combustion chamber. Important result parameters for the cylinder are, for example, combustion profile, fuel consumption, cylinder pressure profile, emissions as well as knocking and cycle fluctuations.

The application of UserCylinder is useful in different phases of engine development.


During the concept phase:

  • for comparing different turbocharging concepts with regard to fuel consumption and transient behavior,
  • for optimizing the compression ratio in the conflict between partial load and full load consumption (knocking),
  • for the variation of valve control times or valve lift profiles, by correctly illustrating the effects on combustion.


In the functional development, application and test phases of control units:

  • for estimating limits of running smoothness or knock limits,
  • for optimizing transient operating states on the gasoline or diesel engine,
  • by having the option of testing control unit functions on a virtual engine. 

In research projects and for teaching, UserCylinder enables the construction of virtual test vehicles, which react qualitatively and quantitatively to changes in the boundary conditions in a sensible way. This can be used to gain greater understanding of the processes in the combustion chamber, and the overall interrelationships in the engine. This applies particularly when investigating the effects on combustion and emissions generation when the boundary conditions in the combustion chamber are changed.

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