Integration in GT-Suite

Opened user interface of a UserCylinder object
Integration of UserCylinder in GT-Post

UserCylinder uses the GT interface for entering data, which means even veteran users of
GT-Power will quickly feel at home. The cylinder simulation results – extended by the results from the FKFS sub-model – are available in GT-Post. The interface is available in German and English, as is the operating manual, which describes (in approximately 230 pages) the background to the calculation models included.

To represent the processes in the combustion chamber during the high-pressure parts of the cycle as realistically as possible, UserCylinder has different models for calories, wall heat, injection, combustion and emissions. As it is a phenomenological model, once it has been calibrated to the relevant engine, any operating state can be simulated, even when no measurement data are available. Despite this prediction capability, the calculation times are extremely short, thanks to excellent optimization of the program coding. There is often no perceptible loss in computing speed compared with a simulation using Vibe (Wiebe) combustion models.

Work process calculation, phenomenological combustion modeling and 1D flow simulation have been core competencies of the Automotive Powertrains Department at FKFS for more than 15 years now. The development of UserCylinder for GT-Power started in 2003. It has been sold commercially on a larger scale since 2008. UserCylinder is used by numerous OEMs, suppliers and simulation service providers; not only in German-speaking countries, but also in the rest of Europe and the USA.

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