Thermodynamics and Combustion Processes

Today the development of engine combustion processes is of central importance to the design of vehicle drives with minimum consumption and untreated-emission figures.


FKFS offers in this context a wide spectrum of services, ranging from design calculation of future concepts, through experimental analysis on single-cylinder assemblies and implementation of basic applications on complete-engine test benches, right down to driveability calibrations in vehicles.


The main working emphases are:

  • Simulation of the entire drivetrain structure (e.g. in hybrid drives) for identifying the specific demands made of engine combustion processes
  • Detailed thermodynamic analysis of working processes, also for non-stationary processes
  • Development of combustion models for predicting engine behaviour within the framework of 1D flow calculation
  • Experimental analysis and optimisation of combustion processes on single-cylinder assemblies and complete engines
  • Formulation of new ECU functions
  • ECU data input/parameterisation within the framework of series developments

Our aim is both the further development of conventional combustion processes for spark-ignition and diesel engines and the research on alternative combustion processes (HCCI, CAI, multiple-stroke process).

Special emphasis is placed on the combustion of alternative fuels (synthetic fuels, BTL, CNG, CHG, LPG).

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