05.07.2016 09:07 Age: 2 yrs

Stuttgart International Summer School 2016

The Stuttgart International Summer School was celebrating its fifth anniversary this year offering courses on batteries, hybrid and electric vehicles already since 2012. This year’s courses with the lecturers Giorgio Rizzoni, Simona Onori, Marcello Canova and Jochen Wiedemann have been successfully completed. They combine theoretical knowledge with practical exercises and thus allow the participants to apply their new knowledge at work directly.


Picture 1: Course 1 "System Integration and Simulation of Hybrid Electric Vehicles", Prof. Giorgio Rizzoni, The Ohio State University


Picture 2: Course 2 "Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Control and Optimization", Asst. Prof. Simona Onori, Clemson University


Picture 3: Course 3 "Energy Storage Systems for E-Mobility", Asst. Prof. Marcello Canova, The Ohio State University


Picture 4: Course 4 "Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics", Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen Wiedemann, University of Stuttgart

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