Stuttgart Driving Simulator

The Stuttgart driving simulator started operating in June 2012 and is now available for basic and applied research.


The facility was constructed as part of the VALIDATE project (funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research) and ElefAnt (funded by the Ministry of Science and the Arts of Baden-Württemberg), as well as through the financial resources of the FKFS and the University of Stuttgart.


A vehicle exchange system enables the operation of slightly modified production vehicles and prototypes in a driving simulator with working electronics.


In the software area, the FKFS is currently working on a comprehensive 'electronic horizon'. This software is to make it possible for assistance systems with environmental sensors (radar, ultrasonic devices, cameras, GPS, GSM), etc., with little or no intervention by the sensors, to be realistically operated in the driving simulator.

Driving with driving simulator
Driving with driving simulator
Inside view with vehicle
Control room
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