Aero Lecture for ŠKODA at FKFS

As an independent research institution, FKFS is not only a development partner of the international automotive industry, but also a knowledge carrier of the latest findings and procedures in research. It is our passion to pass on this knowledge to engineers working in the automotive industry in training courses such as the FKFS Academy (this year from July 26 to 28).

Before this highly recommended course, our colleagues had the opportunity to train ŠKODA employees from Mlada Boleslav in the Czech Republic on the current state of the art in aerodynamics. In an exclusive course, two days of theory on fluid mechanics, numerical flow simulation, wind tunnel measurement technology and analysis methods as well as one day of practical exercises took place during which the seven participants were able to make aerodynamic improvements to 1:4 model vehicles and test them in the FKFS wind tunnel.

Further information on the upcoming FKFS Academy: FKFS Veranstaltungen: FKFS Academy (


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