FKFS welcomes Škoda for advanced training course "CFD for Vehicle Aerodynamics”

FKFS has more than two decades of expertise and know how in the field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD). In addition to the experimental investigations in our wind tunnels, numerical flow simulations are used as a complementary tool in research and development projects. Having this profound knowledge in the theoretical and application-related aspects of CFD that are relevant to the automotive industry it is our aim to share this knowledge with professionals working in the field.

Thus, in the one-day course “CFD for Vehicle Aerodynamics” on February 23, we trained employees from Škoda Auto in the relevant theoretical and application-related aspects of CFD. The course covered the theory behind numerical flow simulations, the relevant discretization methods, the different approaches for turbulence modeling, and the state of the art methods for simulating rotating wheels.

It was a pleasure to train such a friendly and inquisitive team at FKFS!


Franziska Liedecke
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