Visiting China: 4th International Summit of Automotive Propulsion Systems

Prof. Kulzer and his team took part in a conference in China, where they shared their expert knowledge with the other participants.

In mid-May, André Casal Kulzer, Chairman of the Executive Board of the FKFS, Marco Chiodi, Head of 3D Virtual Engine Development at FKFS, and Qirui Yang Project Leader at FKFS, attended the 4th International Summit of Automotive Propulsion Systems in Hangzhou-Bay, China. As part of the conference, Prof. Kulzer gave a keynote speech on sustainability regarding powertrains including life-cycle-assessment considerations. Marco Chiodi presented an advanced methodology on 3D Virtual Engine development. For the first time, we showed our work on a complete 3D-CFD engine including the turbocharger in a dynamic simulation!

During the conference, Geely presented its new electrified Propulsion System. The Hangzhou Bay-based automobile manufacturer also interviewed Prof. Kulzer, who shared his expertise on electrification and hybridization of vehicles. Watch the video here


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