FKFS achieves a winning difference for its aeroacoustic wind tunnel from Siemens Simcenter

To counter increasing competition in the world, where the number of aeroacoustic wind tunnels increased in past years, FKFS decided to upgrade and extend its aeroacoustic testing capabilities and invest in the latest and unique technology. In 2019, FKFS replaced the existing arraybased acoustic mirror with the latest aeroacoustic testing technology. The new aeroacoustic wind tunnel testing system, deployed by Siemens Simcenter™ experts, consists of top and side microphone arrays including more than 300 microphones for the exterior sound pressure measurements as well as interior microphone arrays. This hardware is seamlessly connected with Simcenter™ Testlab™ software and this makes it possible to measure in one shot external and internal noise and correlate the results to see the coherence.

The press release of Siemens can be found here.


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