Online Seminar: Hydrogen combustion and synthetic fuels in the UserCylinder® on Wed. 4.3.20, 10:00 am, or Fri. 13.3.20, 16:30 pm

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Considering the year 2030 and the EU legislation on CO2 reduction for commercial vehicles, the use of hydrogen in the combustion engine is strongly in the focus of many R&D projects, besides the well-known approaches to CNG and LNG. If exemptions in the sector separation are allowed for CO2 accounting, defossilised, CO2-neutral fuels containing carbon can also become very attractive. In the off-highway sector in particular, there will be applications where there is no alternative to synthetic fuels.

Therefore, the next release of UserCylinder® will have an additional feature that enables you to make reliable predictions about the combustion of methanol, methyl formate and hydrogen in addition to methane and ethanol. Thanks to years of intensive research into flame folding and fuel influences, our tool is able to make a real prediction of engine behavior when fuel changes. For this purpose, the engine model must first be adjusted to a reference measurement with gasoline. Then you can change the fuel in the model, e.g. to CNG, methanol or methyl formate. The UserCylinder® predicts with impressive precision how the combustion will behave with the changed fuel. Again, this can be combined with our modular engine toolbox, especially to assess the effects such fuels will have on the many components in the gas path of the engine.

In our free online seminar we will present the modes of action and examples of how to correctly simulate synthetic fuels in a 1D simulation with UserCylinder®.

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