Driving electric to FKFS and back - FKFS now has charging stations ready for its customers

Photo Charging Station
Approach to Charging Station

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Many of our customers already use purely electric or hybrid powered vehicles for their visits to FKFS. Charging stations are now available so that they can charge their vehicles during appointments at the institute. Three wall boxes with 22KW charging capacity for pure electric vehicles and an additional six sockets of 230V, each with a maximum 2.3KW charging capacity for plug-in hybrids, contribute to the fact that our customers can make their way back after their visits without any worries. Thus, business trips to FKFS with electric vehicles– even from outside Stuttgart – are no problem anymore.

If you plan to come to us with an electric or plug-in hybrid car, please get in touch with your contact person at FKFS in advance. Arriving here, follow the directions to the sliding gate of the wind tunnel operating area, where the employee will receive you and connect you to the charging station.

If you have questions please contact Armin Michelbach:

Armin Michelbach


0711 685 63110 / 63130


Sabrina Mayer
Ph.: +49 711 685-65857