New UserCylinder® release launched

FKFS UserCylinder® release

The new version 2.7.0 contains important new features:

  •  improved modeling of hydrogen combustion
  • increased predictive capability for engine behavior of new fuels
  • extended modeling of the influence of gasoline direct injection on tumble and turbulence
  • predictive change from tumble to swirl combustion processes becomes possible

The UserCylinder® is a plug-in for the 1D flow simulation software GT-Power and replaces the regular cylinder object there. Within an overall engine model, this enables more detailed and faster predictions of the processes in the combustion chamber.

This makes it possible, for example, to predict how an existing engine will behave when operated with hydrogen or other synthetic fuels without the need for measurement data.

The UserCylinder® can be supplemented by the digital engine construction kit of the FKFS. This represents virtual test vehicles of the most varied stroke volumes within the framework of 0D/1D simulation, which can be equipped with various turbocharging strategies, combustion processes and technology packages.

For suppliers in particular, it is often interesting to be able to test the potential of new ideas virtually on different test vehicles of the engine construction kit or to determine boundary conditions from them. Questions can often be answered faster, better and more cost-effectively via the engine kit than in tests on the real test bench. The virtual test vehicles can either be designed as current engines or describe different future scenarios with a view to Euro 7 and beyond.


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