Automotive Powertrain Systems

The FKFS field of Automotive Powertrain Systems has developed into a much sought-after and competent development partner of the international vehicle engine, automotive and supplier industry. A staff of highly qualified engineers has access not only to a powerful testing workshop, but also to the best state-of-the-art measurement, computation, simulation and analysis technologies. The staff works on a variety of confidential assignments from the industry and on basic research for public clients. 

Following a long tradition, the main foci of the work are on the fields of consumption reduction, emission reduction, engine acoustics and development of engine components. In addition to experimental investigations, state-of-the-art computational procedures are applied to thermodynamic and multidimensional aerodynamic processes. Development tools such as CAD and FEM are always available.


Overview of the departments and department heads

Automotive Powertrain Systems 1 Technology Assessment & Testing Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Jürgen Berner
Automotive Powertrain Systems 2 Powertrain Testing & Acoustics Dipl.-Ing. Gerd Hitzler
Automotive Powertrain Systems 3 Artificial Intelligence & Simulation Dr.-Ing. Michael Grill
Automotive Powertrain Systems 4 3D Virtual Engine Development Dr.-Ing. Marco Chiodi
Automotive Powertrain Systems 4 Powertrain Test Field & Workshop Dr.-Ing. Martin Briem

Member of the Board

Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Casal Kulzer
Tel.: +49 711 685-66646