Aerodynamic Measurement Systems

In addition to the systems permanently installed in the wind tunnels for measuring force, torque, pressure and speed, FKFS also has other measuring and visualization techniques available for aerodynamic testing.

Our measurement technology for aerodynamic testing includes:

  • Compact 6 component balance for aerodynamic force measurements on vehicle models and components
  • Different mobile systems for simultaneous pressure measurements with over 500 channels
  • Surface pressure measurement using "pressure taps" or special, adhesive flat pressure probes
  • Multi-hole probes for high-resolution spatial determination of flow speed and angle over time
  • Hot-wire anemometer for local flow speed measurement
  • Specially-developed radiator probes for cooling air flow measurements installed on the vehicle radiator (see below)
  • 3D PIV system


Dr.-Ing. Timo Kuthada

Ph.: +49 711 685-67615