The Stuttgart driving simulator

With a diameter of 5.5 m, the dome of the Stuttgart driving simulator provides space for a vehicle mockup of an entire passenger car chassis. Mockups based on existing production vehicles or on non-driving prototypes can be used. Vehicles can be exchanged rapidly, thanks to standardized interfaces in the mockup for mechanical fixation in the dome, power supply and data transfer. The passenger compartment of the vehicle remains completely intact. The control elements of the vehicle function and are assigned different tasks depending on the topic being investigated. Restoring forces from the brakes and steering wheel are reproduced using permanent-magnet synchronous servomotors.

Video recording, eye tracking and position monitoring of the driver's seat are available to assess driver reactions. Simulated vehicle states or states of the assistance systems used are recorded simultaneously to these.


Dr.-Ing. Gerd Baumann

Ph.: +49 711 685-68116

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