Model Wind Tunnel

The 1:4/1:5 scale model wind tunnel, like the vehicle aeroacoustics wind tunnel, has a horizontal routing of airflow with a ¾ open free-flow jet test section (Göttingen-type wind tunnel). In order to represent the airflow conditions of a vehicle driving on the road surface as realistically as possible, tests are carried out with rotating wheels and moving ground in the model wind tunnel. This is done using a 5-belt system, consisting of a center-belt and four wheel drive units, combined with a boundary layer suction system.

A fully automatic model manipulator is available for installing the models. Flow field measurements with particle-image-velocimetry (PIV) or multi-hole probes can be carried out with the traversing device. The flow temperature is regulated to 24°C by feeding the circulating air through a heat exchanger, which guarantees the structural stability of clay models. To modify clay models, a model workshop with manual tools and clay ovens is available and both frontal area measurements and 3D-surface measurements are available. The confidentiality of the projects and the models is guaranteed throughout the whole process.


Dr.-Ing. Felix Wittmeier

Ph.: +49 711 685-69464