Powertrain and Hybrid Test Bench

How can hybrid drives be used to improve the performance of highly-powered vehicles and make them significantly more efficient at the same time? At FKFS, we are able to support our customers with test benches for this development work as well. On our powertrain and hybrid test bench, it is possible to test entirely conventional or hybrid drive configurations (including all wheel drive) just as easily as the very highest performance electric axles, or individual components such as the electric machines. FKFS is especially able to play to its strengths where high power densities are concerned, i.e. when testing compact drives with high-level performance characteristics and correspondingly complex vibration phenomena. Driving resistances are simulated by four highly-dynamic output drives. The input drive can be provided by the combustion motor or via an electric machine which is incorporated in the test bench. Highly-dynamic battery simulators are available for supplying power to inverters and electric machines. If required, real batteries and other components can be thermally conditioned and operated.


Dr.-Ing. Gerd Baumann

Ph.: +49 711 685-68116