FKFS - Research in Motion

Research Institute of Automotive Engineering and Vehicle Engines Stuttgart
The FKFS is an independent research institute and development partner of the international automotive industry with highly specialized test benches, test facilities and excellent know-how.


[Translate to en:] Wasserstoff

In many commercial vehicle applications, the use of hydrogen as a propulsion system without CO2 emissions is very interesting. The conversion of…

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[Translate to en:] Technologieführer Mercedes-Benz AG

Dr. Ingo Kreuz, Head of Software&KI Technologies of Research at Mercedes-Benz AG, and Dr.-Ing. Steven Peters, Head of Artificial Intelligence…

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FKFS UserCylinder® release

The new version 2.7.0 contains important new features:

  •  improved modeling of hydrogen combustion
  • increased predictive capability for engine…
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