Acoustics Test Benches

Two fully anechoic test benches are available for acoustics investigations. The test chambers are fitted with absorption wedges on all six sides that absorb 99 % of the sound above 125 Hz. For acoustic reasons, the dynamometric brakes are located in the adjacent room and are connected with the acoustics test bench by means of wall brackets.

The two acoustics test benches are each designed for high torques since correspondingly high torques occur when investigating engines with front-wheel drive and axle differential. Measurements are taken by microphones as well as artificial heads. The data acquisition rate is 5 Mbyte/s which allows a sampling rate of 50 Hz per channel for 48 channels. Software for data analysis is available.

A powertrain noise level test bench is available to investigate structure-borne sound flow paths. It is acoustically insulated on the four sidewalls. It can also accommodate complete vehicles which can then be connected with the dynamometric brake via an axle shaft.


Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Philipp

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