Acoustic Measurement Equipment

FKFS has a wide range of standard and special acoustic measurement equipment, as well as the software tools needed to perform signal and modal analysis. FKFS uses artificial heads to make binaural recordings of sound signals. When played back through headphones, these ensure a natural acoustic impression with directional localization. This technology is becoming increasingly important in the evaluation of sound quality.

A laser-scanning vibrometer is used to find the operational modes of vibrating surfaces, enabling us to study the acoustics of the chassis. This includes the vibrations of the structure (body parts, windows, etc.) as well as the resulting acoustic radiation.

FKFS has a selection of array systems and acoustic mirrors for localizing sound sources. Inside the vehicle, the "conformal mapping" method is generally used. We have a microphone array and acoustic mirrors (also array-based) for investigating exterior noises.

Our new large Microphone Array allows a localization of sound sources from the top and the side between 400 Hz and 10 kHz. In conjunction with a spherical interior array correlations between interior and exterior sound sources are possible. Vehicles up to 5.5 m length, 2.3 m width and 2 m height can be measured completely.