Vision + Guiding Principles

Pushing the boundaries to find solutions for the mobility of tomorrow – that is a distinguishing feature of FKFS. We link science and industry, we bring different fields together, we optimize in detail or rethink things fundamentally.

This is how we see ourselves:

We research the mobility of tomorrow. We stand for research in motion. That is our vision and our motivation.

We can only achieve this by valuing our staff, our customers and business partners and behaving responsibly towards them; by respecting laws and regulations; by acting with transparency and fairness in the market; by protecting the environment and conserving resources.

With this in mind, we have formulated the following fundamental principles:

Code of Conduct

(1) Respecting the human rights and labor rights of our staff

(2) Environmental protection

(3) Transparent business relationships

(4) Fair commercial conduct

(5) Duty of care to promote responsible raw material supply chains

(6) Quality management, information security, data protection

(7) Integration of sustainability requirements into organizations and processes



Please read our Code of Conduct here.

Social Policy

Fundamental principles regarding social rights and commercial relationships at the Research Institute for Automotive Engineering and Powertrain Systems Stuttgart

The following describes the fundamental social rights and principles which the independent Research Institute for Automotive Engineering and Powertrain Systems Stuttgart FKFS feels a duty to uphold. This is the basis for our understanding of our FKFS corporate policy. The social rights and principles stated in this agreement are essentially based on the conventions of the International Labor Organization. FKFS upholds the rights of its employees and is committed to treating them fairly and with respect. 

The working relationship between the Board of Management, the Workers' Council and the employees is conducted within the boundaries of cooperative conflict resolution and social obligation – while allowing for sustainable commercial and technical competitiveness. This especially against the backdrop of a significant social obligation to secure and develop employment.



Read here our Social Policy.


Work Policy

Fundamental principles concerning occupational safety, training and the structure of the working environment at the Research Institute of Automotive Engineering and Vehicle Engines Stuttgart

A corporate culture characterized by a cooperative attitude in the workplace at FKFS is the basis for a positive working climate within the organization and therefore an important prerequisite for commercial success. Respect and tolerance are part of this culture. FKFS hereby defines the fundamental principles and obligations to take action in the field of occupational safety.

While fulfilling its portfolio of services, it is the declared objective of FKFS to maintain the health, performance and job satisfaction of our employees – and to develop them as far as is feasible. The concepts concerning the issues in this agreement should be characterized by innovation, creativity and operational expertise and applied to the creation of synergies.



Please read our Work Policy here.


Environmental Management

The FKFS Management Board has introduced a management system for the organization which also considers environmental protection aspects – to increase our competitiveness, to improve the transparency of our processes and to ensure we handle resources sustainably and in a trust-based way. Environmental protection is important to us and is aimed at all employees in all departments: with the goal of continuously improving our operational environmental protection and our environmental performance.

As an organization, FKFS is structured so that different activities and information flows occur while taking the relevant environmental effects and the corresponding legal requirements into consideration. The organization's focus on environmental aspects has been integrated into the existing organizational structure. This is a basic prerequisite for a functioning environmental management system. This integration is an important component of the integrated management system at FKFS.

Environmental responsibility pervades every business area. The management bear special responsibility for implementing environmental guidelines, as well as setting a good example and motivating employees with regard to environmental matters.

Please read our Guideline on Environmental Management here.