High-Speed No-Load Test Bench

Increasingly compact, smaller electric motors which need to ensure ever greater quantities of power: this is also e-mobility. At FKFS we support our customers in this complex development work, which relies on high-speed concepts in particular. Critical factors for high-speed drive concepts are, above all, thermal loading and cooling, friction measurement and analysis of bearings. To understand the product properties in this regard as early on as possible, prototypes are tested on the FKFS high-speed no-load test bench at a very early stage in development. Here the test object is towed, so it requires neither electromagnetic components nor power electronics. Speeds of up to 24,000 rpm are reached here. Thanks to integrated measurement technology instrumentation and numerous interfaces, the FKFS high-speed no-load test bench can be applied in many situations, and is able to handle future testing requirements too.


Dr.-Ing. Nicolai Stegmaier

Ph.: +49 711 685-65662