Automotive Engineering

The FKFS field of automotive engineering includes the areas of vehicle aerodynamics and thermal management, automotive technology and driving dynamics, as well as vehicle acoustics and vibrations. The institute operates a state-of-the-art aeroacoustic full-scale vehicle wind tunnel with a 5-belt system providing an accurate simulation of on-road conditions. Furthermore, the institute offers a 1:4/1:5-scale model wind tunneland a  thermal wind tunnel. With decades of experience in operating our own wind tunnels, FKFS provides competent consulting on wind tunnel technology and corresponding training courses.

Additional advanced test benches and various bespoke measurement vehicles also allow the investigation of vehicle cooling, performance and soiling, as well as driving dynamics and vehicle acoustics. Aside from the testing facilities, the institute also widely utilizes state-of-the-art digital simulation procedures in its work.

This field’s further activities includes public, customer financed or internally financed research, as well as teaching in conjunction with the University of Stuttgart. Profound scientific and technical know-how, access to university resources and the experience from current research services for the automotive industry guarantee our customers an effective and goal-oriented processing of their projects. Total confidentiality is assured in all projects.

Overview of the departments and department heads

Wind Tunnel Operation Dipl.-Ing. Armin Michelbach    
Model-Scale Wind Tunnel and Wind Tunnel Technology Dr.-Ing. Felix Wittmeier    
Vehicle Aerodynamics and Thermal Management Dipl.-Ing. Nils Widdecke    
Vehicle Acoustics and Vibration Dr. rer. nat. Reinhard Blumrich    
Automotive Technology and Driving Dynamics Dr.-Ing. Jens Neubeck    
Interdisciplinary Projects and High Performance Computing Dr.-Ing. Timo Kuthada    

Member of the board

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Wagner

Ph.: +49 711 685-65600