Modular Engine Toolbox

Our modular engine toolbox depicts virtual test vehicles with widely-varying displacements as part of the 0D/1D simulation, which can be equipped with different charging strategies, combustion processes and technology packages.

For suppliers in particular, it is often useful to be able to evaluate the potential of new ideas virtually on different test vehicles in the modular engine toolbox, or to use it to determine boundary conditions. Questions can often be answered faster, better and more cheaply using the modular engine toolbox than in a test on the real test bench. The virtual test vehicles can be arranged either as current units or adapted to describe different future scenarios.

The different test vehicles in the modular engine toolbox can be used for initial investigations of stationary operating points as well as for transient simulations, such as the heating-up behavior of the exhaust system. When combined with a rudimentary engine control unit, they can also be used for virtual RDE trips.

Please find more information about 0D/1D simulation here.