Automotive Mechatronics

The goal of the field of automotive mechatronics at the FKFS is to make the ever-increasing complexity of electronics in the motor vehicle manageable. As such, the modern vehicle is uniformly viewed as a networked system of mechatronic assemblies that exchanges information and energy. Therefore the architecture and interaction of these mechatronic systems has to be designed in such a way that an optimal function of the vehicle is achieved with respect to reliability, driving performance, comfort and environmental impact.

The area of automotive mechatronics is divided into the areas of software, electronics and mobility. The divisions work in close cooperation, as the technical issues often overlap in the interdisciplinary environment of mechatronics. This is also reflected in the shared use of resources such as workstations, laboratories, software and hardware.

Overview of the departments and department heads

Software Dr.-Ing. Gerd Baumann    
Electronics Dr.-Ing. Michael Grimm    
Mobility Dr.-Ing. Thomas Riemer    

Member of the board

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Christian Reuss
Ph.: +49 711 685-68500