Tire-Road Noise Measurement Trailer

In addition to far field measurements, using microphones at the side of the road it is possible to investigate tire-road noise with a noise measurement trailer housing the tires to be tested as well as a collection of microphones.  . These record the noise resulting from the tire and road combination directly at its origin. Unwanted noises from the outside are suppressed to the greatest possible extent.

The system has considerable advantages over the controlled and statistical pass-by methods. The trailer enables measurements to be carried out rapidly and the surrounding flow of traffic has almost no influence on the results.

Based on these measurements, and by using a tire-road noise test bench of our own development, it is possible to determine the contribution of tire-road noise to the interior noise.


Tire-Road Noise Test Bench

To investigate tire-road noise inside the vehicle, at FKFS we use a specially developed test bench with speakers at the test vehicle's tires. These simulate the sound fields from the test vehicle tires which were recorded previously using the measurement trailer. This enables analysis and evaluation of the tire-road noise coming from the outside – without unwanted influences from other vehicle noises, such as wind noise or rolling noise (see aeroacoustic wind tunnel and servohydraulic 4-post test bench).


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