Wind Tunnel Consulting and Design

For many years FKFS has been operating various wind tunnels for vehicle development work as well as basic research. The wind tunnel operation comprises a modern full-scale aeroacoustic wind tunnel, a model scale wind tunnel and a thermal wind tunnel. Furthermore, we conduct numerical studies using our digital wind tunnel.


As a result, FKFS and its employees offer extensive expertise in many areas of wind tunnel planning, realization and particularly in wind tunnel operation. Additionally, the research-based nature of FKFS substantiates the extensive expertise. Our engineers not only provide wind tunnel operation for industrial clients but also drive the research and development of wind tunnel technology. The latter is demonstrated by numerous publications and patents.

In particular, the combined know-how of wind tunnel operation, research and design experience has proven to be extremely important, for instance when purchasing large components like balances, belt systems or fans. Only those who have practical experience in operating complex systems can uncover their weak points, address these when making new investments, and eliminate them by giving appropriate recommendations.

FKFS is pleased to provide this know-how to interested clients in consulting projects and corresponding training courses.


Dr. rer.nat. Reinhard Blumrich

Ph.: +49 711 685-67613